The Best Beginner Paddle Board

beginner paddle board, The Best Beginner Paddle Board

When learning to SUP for the first time, finding your perfect beginner paddle board can seem challenging. But here at Bluefin, we’ve created a board for everyone. No matter your ability or fitness level, we believe anyone can SUP. 

So, if you’re totally new to paddleboarding and aren’t sure where to begin, we’re here to help. We understand our range of boards may appear a little overwhelming for newcomers, which is why we’re giving you the lowdown on our best beginner paddle board models.

beginner paddle board, The Best Beginner Paddle Board

The All-Rounder

The board we’re about to mention isn’t known as the ‘all-rounder’ for nothing. Carefully designed to be versatile without compromising on performance, this SUP is a great option for beginners or leisurely paddlers. It’s of course, our Cruise board. 

Available in three different lengths, the Cruise features the ideal deck width for learning. Allowing you to perfect your balance without ever feeling overwhelmed, the Cruise steadily glides through water with maximum durability. 

Hailed as our most versatile iSUP and ideal for introducing yourself to this sport, a Cruise board is the perfect beginner paddle board. And as you begin to improve your skills, you can continue using your Cruise for many other types of paddling. Even surfing!

beginner paddle board, The Best Beginner Paddle Board

The Stable One

Whilst we love our Cruise board’s versatile, durable nature, some paddlers require just a little extra stability. If you’re feeling nervous about starting SUP and want to feel as comfortable as possible on the water, this next option is your perfect solution.

Our Voyage board is the most stable model across our entire range. Featuring an extra-wide deck of 38”, the Voyage is 20% wider than most other standard SUPs. Specifically designed to make maintaining balance easier than ever, this model is definitely the safest beginner paddle board for SUP newcomers.

Then, once you’re feeling a little more comfortable, you can progress to the Cruise!

A Board to Avoid

Obviously we love ALL our boards here at Bluefin. But some just aren’t suitable for beginners. If you’re picking-up SUP pretty quickly, it’s often tempting to throw yourself into the deep end and sprint before you can walk. Enter just that, our Sprint board.

While perfect for long distance, speedy touring – it’s not a suitable beginner paddle board. Considerably narrower than other models, the Sprint should only be used by proficient paddlers. Its narrow deck requires greater core strength and balance to remain upright, with many newcomers simply too inexperienced.

beginner paddle board, The Best Beginner Paddle Board

So, if you were struggling to get to grips with which boards are most suitable for beginners, we hope this helped! Anyone can SUP, so don’t feel disheartened if the board you ideally had your eye on isn’t your best choice for now. 

Once your skills have improved, you can progress to using any of our boards and experience amazing SUP adventures. For more information on our entire range, check out our ultimate ‘which board?’ guide

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