SUPs: A History! Where did SUPs come from?

SUP, SUPs: A History! Where did SUPs come from?

History of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding:

Have you ever wondered where Stand Up Paddleboarding came from? We have, and we decided to find out! It doesn’t look like anyone knows for certain who established this amazing sport but there are a few ideas! So, here is a brief history of the SUP!

Where did SUP’s come from?!

Some people claim that the creation of the Paddleboard dates back to the ancient Egyptian times. World Surfing Champion Felipe Pomar declares that his ancestors in Peru were using SUPs to fish over 2,000 years ago. Although, others claim that SUPing started in Africa when warriors carried out attacks by paddling stood up on their canoes! And others insist that it was the Waikiki beach boys from Hawaii that started it.

SUP, SUPs: A History! Where did SUPs come from?

Hawaii SUP-ing

Although there are many different versions of the Stand-Up Paddleboard all over the world throughout history, it seems to be that the Hawaiian adaptation of Stand-Up Paddleboarding is the version we have today, the one that is used as a sport!

It is thought that SUPing began there in the 16th century where surfers would use a paddle to handle large, unmanageable boards. Then, in the 1940s surfing instructors would stand on their boards to have a better chance of seeing incoming swells. In the 1990s, Beach Boy Surfing was introduced, and the craze took off from there!

And here we are! A brief history of the SUP and stand-up paddle boarding is now one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, and we stock them here at Bluefin! Check out our range of inflatable paddleboards so you can enjoy this amazing sport for yourself!



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