Top SUP Spots: SUP Antibes

, Top SUP Spots: SUP Antibes
Bluefin loves to hear where and how our community SUPs. Today, lifelong waterman Greg Brauge of France gives us his top recommendations for standup paddle boarding in Antibes. We knew we had to hear what Greg had to say after he told us this:
Watersport is like a virus and I will never be cured!
You’ll find not only Greg’s favorite beaches to SUP from but even a route that you can paddle while friends and family walk alongside in view. Socializing by land and sea, now that’s what we call a family friendly day out.
, Top SUP Spots: SUP Antibes

Lead the way Greg!

Source: Greg Brauge

Do you know Antibes and especially the Cap d’Antibes?

Antibes is located between Nice and Cannes on the French Riviera. It’s known for its old town surrounded by 16th century ramparts and for its harbor where luxurious yachts are moored. It tends to be associated with Juan-les-Pins, a chic seaside resort with busy nightlife and host to the “Jazz à Juan” music festival.
Cap d’Antibes is actually a peninsula to the south of the city. All around The Cap d’Antibes, you can find  beautiful places such as small quiet creeks and sandy beaches. The Cap provides SUP conditions par excellence. The 2 prevailing winds here are out of the east and west. Thanks to the position of the peninsula you can always find a place protected from the wind, or a wind blowing towards the shore so as not to be blown out to sea.
, Top SUP Spots: SUP Antibes

Plage de la Salis coast line Antibes

Source: Greg Baruge

Plage de la Salis

This is the closest sandy beach to the city. It’s quickly crowded in summer and sadly SUP is not welcomed during this period. Outside the summer season it is very pleasant to set off by SUP from this beach either to follow the ramparts of the old Antibes, or to walk along the rocky outcrops towards La Garoupe beach (or Keller beach).
As the wind is a little bit “teasing” around here, I paddle a lot. Last year, my daughter discovered the pleasure of being on the water, outside, Hallelujah!!! So now we are paddling as a family.

Plage de la Garoupe or Plage Keller

Garoupe beach is the only private beach on the Cap. There is a tiny public access point where you can put paddle boards in the water. It also marks the beginning of a beautiful path about 3kms long. If anyone is accompanying you on foot they can take a beautiful walk along the coast. Just tell them to be careful because some areas of the path are difficult being so close to the water.
, Top SUP Spots: SUP Antibes

Plage de la Garoupe coast line antibes

Source: Greg Baruge
The swell is usually quite strong in this part of the Cap. Trying to follow the same trail by SUP can be quite sporty. 

Plage des ondes

This small sandy beach is my favorite place. You’ll find it at the edge of the road that runs along the coast. The view of the Bay of Golfe Juan is beautiful. There are only a few parking spaces near the beach to unload SUP gear. I definitely advise you to go early in the morning or late afternoon to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. From this beach, you can head north to Juan les pins or South along the coast of the Cap towards the Bay of Billionaires. If you head that way you’ll also pass the famous Eden Rock Hotel. This beach is also the perfect place to paddleboard with your family.

A Big Bluefin Thank you

Greg Brauge for giving us his insider tips for SUPing the French Riviera. Have you ever SUPed the Bay of Billionaires or any of Greg’s other picks? Let us know! We’d love to hear about it so leave a comment.

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