Q&A with our Product Development Team – Bluefin Kayak series

, Q&A with our Product Development Team – Bluefin Kayak series

Introducing our new Kayaks: Scout and Ranger

Along with the Cruise Lite, the other big product launch this season was our new line of kayaks. We caught up with our Product Development Team to find out a bit more about our Scout and Ranger kayaks. 

Bluefin is known for its SUPs, so what was behind bringing out an inflatable kayak range?

We used to make kayaks back in the early days of Bluefin and were passionate about them, but they were difficult to ship/transport and for customers to store.

After dominating the SUP market we looked at designing a range of inflatable versions that would fix this. We wanted to make a range of best-in-class products that were not compromised in areas other brands have fallen down.

, Q&A with our Product Development Team – Bluefin Kayak series

What are some of the benefits of a kayak over say, a seated SUP?

First of all, it’s easier to stay dry! There’s definitely more protection from the elements in a kayak and there’s loads more room for onboard storage. Kayaks are easier to use for beginner paddlers as you don’t have the same issues about balance. It’s also more comfortable over long distances as the seat is padded and raised off the floor. All in all, it’s a faster paddling experience so you can get to places much more quickly. 

How sturdy is an inflatable kayak, really? 

Incredibly sturdy, actually! Anything you can do on a SUP, you can do on a kayak. You would find it really difficult to capsize in these, the large side pontoons really do stop you from tipping the kayak over.

, Q&A with our Product Development Team – Bluefin Kayak series

Okay, you’ve convinced us. So Bluefin have brought out two new kayaks – Scout and Ranger. Which one is best for me?

If you’re new to kayaking, I’d say both options are great. It just depends on how you intend to use it.  If you’re looking to use the kayak alone or with a child or pet, the Scout is great and has enough room, stability and a great price point. Don’t be put off by the floor on the Scout, it might seem thinner compared to the Ranger, but the large pontoons coupled with the inflatable seat base creates a really solid floor giving natural flex for some extra comfort.

If you’re looking for a tandem option straight out of the box with more storage space, better performance and premium accessories, Ranger is for you.

Ranger can also be used as a single kayak. It’s super comfortable and maximises on space for longer journeys. There’s also a reinforced drop stitch floor which helps to support the weight of having up to two users. 

Sounds great. Do the kayaks pack down like the SUPs? 

Yes they do, they’re a similar size to a SUP package. You’ll have no trouble carrying them or finding a place to store them.

, Q&A with our Product Development Team – Bluefin Kayak series

Finally, what is it that makes Bluefin kayaks better than others on the market?

We’ve spent a lot of time researching and designing these kayaks, having learnt  lessons from our inaugral range. These new models are more compact, both in storage and carry size. Each kayak is equipped with large, covered areas for storage, multiple bungee areas, and water resistant pockets to keep kit safe and dry. Plus, as expected with Bluefin, you get all premium accessories included, so you’re really getting the total package at a great price point.

Many thanks to our product development team for their help with this Q&A.

Available now: Scout £319 (was £399), Ranger £479 (was £599).  

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