Introducing the Heatwave: our first eco-friendly SUP changing robe

, Introducing the Heatwave: our first eco-friendly SUP changing robe

If you’re into SUP or any kind of outdoor water sports, you’ll know how important it is to:

a) have somewhere appropriate to change in and out of your gear and b) a way to keep warm and dry while on land. We’ve all gone through the rigmarole of having someone shield you with a towel in a force 10 gale on the beach while you hop about trying to preserve your modesty. It rarely works and it’s just, well, a massive inconvenience isn’t it? Thankfully, with the advent of waterproof changing robes, we no longer have to put up with it. This April marks Bluefin’s first foray into SUP wear with the new Heatwave changing robe.

While we know changing robes have been popular for the past couple of years, we’ve been diligently researching all the details we think our SUPers need in order to make the best version on the market. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of its features.

Freedom to move

Primarily intended to help SUPers get in and out of wetsuits, the Heatwave is designed to make getting changed that little bit easier. Firstly, its oversized silhouette allows for more movement underneath, meaning there’s no more thrashing about, getting elbows stuck in tight corners. Secondly, the YKK zip is a two-way zipper you can use from both sides, a really handy feature for easier access and to keep the bracing cold out. It’s an all-season affair too, as the detachable sleeves unzip to convert the robe from a long-sleeved version into a half-sleeved one for added movement and breathability when needed. Why choose between buying a long or short-sleeved changing robe when you can have both?

Protection against the elements

Of course, any changing robe worth its salt needs to withstand the cold and wet, and the Heatwave is no exception. The waterproof outer lining is coupled with an absorbent sherpa fleece lining to wick away moisture from the skin, creating a comfortable, insulating barrier to any adverse weather. There are two further fleece-lined, handwarmer pockets to keep frozen fingers toasty, and an internal pocket that’s big enough to keep valuables or even a small hot water bottle in it (little pro tip there!) It’s this attention to detail that sets the Heatwave apart from other changing robes. In addition to the internal pocket, there are loads of little hidden extras, including wind-protecting zip baffles, hood pulls, and adjustable cuffs. Easy to overlook but essential in providing superior weather protection.

, Introducing the Heatwave: our first eco-friendly SUP changing robe


Before we go much further, it’s worth mentioning the Heatwave’s eco-credentials. Bluefin pledges to use recycled materials wherever possible to reduce its environmental impact. The Heatwave is made of a 100% recycled outer shell together with a 60% recycled sherpa fleece lining. The stormproof shell has a unique plant-based, hydrophobic coating that provides a natural, waterproof barrier against the elements. Every effort has been made to ensure that the packaging is 100% recyclable and of course, under Bluefin’s partnership with Ecologi, a tree will be planted for every purchase, further helping to offset carbon emissions.

Universal appeal

The Heatwave certainly packs a punch in terms of spec but it helps if it actually looks the part too, right? And that’s what we love about this changing robe – it’s a perfect fit for virtually any outdoor activity. Whether it’s changing at the beach, toasting drinks around the campfire, or cheering on your youngest from the sidelines, the Heatwave is as versatile as you need it to be. Just roll it up and go. Its minimalist, unisex design and sizing suits everybody, meaning you’re not only staying warm and dry but racking up some serious style points in the process. With an RRP of £149 it isn’t going to blow the budget either for what we think will be a worthy investment piece for years to come.

Behind the scenes

Check out some exclusive content below, all taken from our shoot earlier this year in various locations around North Yorkshire. It’s safe to say we put the Heatwave through its paces!

, Introducing the Heatwave: our first eco-friendly SUP changing robe

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