How to Correctly Install Your Paddle Board Fin

How To Install Your Paddle Board Fin Correctly

Essential for stability and moving in a straight line, your paddleboard experience simply wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have a fin. Without one, the tail end of your board would constantly slip sideways with every paddle stroke. Not ideal.

As a result, it’s crucial you know how to correctly install your paddle board fin before heading onto the water. And as all our boards feature a secure Smart Lock mechanism, you’ll never have to worry about your fin suddenly coming loose during a paddle session.

How To Install Your Paddle Board Fin Correctly

If you’re unsure how to install your fin, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to follow. 

How to Correctly Install Your Paddle Board Fin

  • Make sure the entire area of your board’s fin box is completely clean. Sand, dirt, and other types of debris can easily become lodged in the tight space. If it isn’t squeaky clean, your fin may not be 100% secure once fitted. 
  • You’ll notice two notches at either end of the fin box. Make sure your fin is the correct way round, and drop it into the front notch first. Slide your fin forward until it won’t move any further, then drop the other end into the back notch. 
  • Securely press down on the locking mechanism catch located at the back. Once fully dropped and in place, your fin is in!
How To Install Your Paddle Board Fin Correctly

Lost Your Fin?

Don’t worry, it happens. But if you’ve lost your fin and still feel tempted to paddle as normal, we wouldn’t recommend it. A fin is an essential component of straight, safe paddling. 

While it is possible to counteract your board slipping sideways manually, this definitely isn’t a skill everyone can master. Even the most experienced paddlers struggle to remain straight and on-track without a fin. 

But replacing your fin couldn’t be easier! You can easily get replacements here. In fact, we’d recommend having at least a couple of spares lying around. This ensures you’ll never be left unable to paddle should you lose or damage your original fin.

So, if you thought correctly installing your paddleboard fin was complicated, we hope this guide has helped! Super simple and able to be fitted in seconds, you certainly won’t have to waste time feeling confused.

In addition to spare fins, we supply a range of other important accessories here at Bluefin. From spare paddles to our cutting-edge electric SUP pump, you’ll find everything you need for your next paddleboard adventure. To learn more about our electric pump, check out this handy guide

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