How I Race: Tay and the Sprint

, How I Race: Tay and the Sprint

Our lovely paddler Tay wrote to us about her Sprint, here’s what she had to say…

A little while ago I won Customer Pic of The Week for one of my Instagram pics. This led to me write a blog piece about ‘How I SUP’ and all about my paddling centred life in Cornwall. While I was chatting to the fantastic Bluefin SUP team I asked their advice on race boards. I was so excited when they told me they had a BRAND NEW 14FT SPRINT coming out at the end of March. Then they asked if I would like to give it a try?! WELL I was extremely excited – you’d be surprised to hear I’m quite an excitable character at the best of times so I was literally bouncing off the walls with this!!! It was also great timing as I’d just signed up for the Madhatters SUP 5k at Polkerris beach here in Cornwall and thought this board would be perfect for trying my first event! Sooo I said a big fat “YES PLEASE” and started to train whilst eagerly awaiting my new board.

, How I Race: Tay and the Sprint

Training for the race…

A good friend of mine, @tanyakellettpt, is a personal trainer and kindly tailored a program to help me build strength and endurance.  It consists of three sessions per week one upper, one core and one lower body. Each is able to be incorporated at home around the kids who often join in or ‘help’ (which is fun and terrifying all at the same time.) Nothing helps you build muscle like having a large three-year-old sat on your back while you’re trying to do push-ups… Apart from the odd week off here and there (thank you winter/spring bugs!) I had been getting stuck in while eagerly whilst awaiting my BRAND NEW BLUEFIN SPRINT! Picture, if you will, a face excitedly staring out of the window every time a vehicle pulls up the drive, not unlike a small child at Christmas waiting for the main man in the red suit to turn up with the goods… Then it arrived! I opened the box and there it was! I was expecting great stuff but this was EVEN BETTER!

, How I Race: Tay and the Sprint

The Sprint

Streamlined, smart, stylish and even with an inbuilt GoPro holder my first impression was ‘YES’!! I got pumping and then it was ready to go. I was super excited (shocking I know) to take it for a spin so the first thing the next morning around 7.30am I packed my BRAND NEW SPRINT, the kids and Mr Paddle Cornwall SUP in the car and got down to the river Fowey. The maiden voyage was a complete success!! Later that day we headed out again and this time Mr Paddle Cornwall SUP had a go. He loved it as much as me, so did the smalls as (due to its size) I could fit one on the front and one on the back, whilst still keeping my balance (they’re wrigglers too so it goes to show how sturdy it is)

So what’s the verdict I hear you ask? It is quite simply AWESOME!

, How I Race: Tay and the Sprint

The 2019 Bluefin 14ft Sprint is fast, sturdy and fun with a handy GoPro holder and plenty of room to transport two wiggly SUP littlies. All in all, I would highly recommend it!

, How I Race: Tay and the Sprint

A big Bluefin SUP thanks to Tay for her blog, her pictures and her awesome representation of our brand. Also, *update* Tay has since done her 5k race and she came 5th out of the women!!! Wahoo well done Tay!

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