Bluefin SUP – Built to Last: About our Exo Surface Laminate technology

Exo Surface Laminate technology

ESL or Exo Surface Laminate technology is Bluefin’s ultra-tough, industry approved and tested, UV resistant construction process. ESL is unique to Bluefin SUP and we have worked on it for over 5 years. All the materials that construct our boards have been rigorously tested and reviewed in order to provide the toughest and long-lasting material that make up our award-winning iSUPs.

All about our Exo Surface Laminate technology…

SUPER STABLE – Exo Surface Laminate technology and dense, pro weave drop stitching allows our boards to withstand up to 28 PSI (recommended ride PSI of 15-18). Whereas low-quality boards inflate to between 10-15 PSI maximum. Want to hear from the SUP-experts? Check out this video from SUPboarder mag.

LONG LASTING – With a UV coating and multiple coating layers our boards are super durable and long-lasting. We are one of the only SUP brands to offer a 5-Year-Warranty because we know our boards are the best. We spoke about the benefits of our long-lasting boards with Sustain Europe.

PORTABLE – Our Exo Surface Laminate technology provides stability but it does not add extra bulk. Our iSUPs are still very much portable and will allow you to take your paddleboard wherever you want.

What is ESL?

Exo Surface Laminate technology


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