All About The Voyage


Expect nothing less than epic adventures, thrill-seeking expeditions and some of your most activity-heavy experiences on the Voyage 10’10 SUP! Specifically designed for those looking for ONE board to do everything possible on the water. This ultimate activity SUP contains everything you could possibly need for endless hours of fun! 

Upgraded from the previous Voyage, the all new Voyage 10’10 has a brand new design. As well as a whole host of advanced features and accessories, taking your paddling adventures to the next level. 


So let’s get delving in a little deeper into what you can expect from this complete activity SUP package:

The Stable One!

First things first, our Voyage 10’10 SUP is super stable! Recognised as ‘The Stable One’ within our SUP range, the Voyage celebrates being 20% wider than most standard SUPs. And with its 38” extra-wide deck, which includes built-in stability side rails, you’ll achieve greater balance and control, no matter what you’re doing on the water.

Purpose-built with military-grade triple-layered PVC, a high-pressure laminated finish and a unique tri-chamber inflation system, the Voyage isn’t only the sturdiest SUP out there, but the safest! Durable enough for everything you throw at it on the water, you can truly count on the Voyage’s unmatched performance to keep you testing your limits, time and time again.

We cannot 100% guarantee that you won’t fall into the water sometimes though….that one’s on you!


Voyage. Journey. Adventure.

One thing you can be sure of with the Voyage is that you’ll be able to bring all of your essentials with you, wherever your journey takes you. This is all thanks to the included professional grade cooler box! 

Sure to enhance any SUP journey, pack your lunch, snacks, beverages and anything else that you may need out on the water. There’s even a handy compartment at the top of the cooler which is perfect to store all of your smaller bits, ideal to conveniently access your hooks and flies when you’re fishing. 

And as an added extra, the cooler box comes with a fold-out seat backrest. So you’ll be able to paddle for longer and be the envy of your friends for hours of versatile fun on the water.


Fully Equipped For Everything 

Hey, it’s not called the Ultimate Activity SUP for nothing! What you’ll receive within the package is:  2 x fishing rod mounts, fibreglass paddle, Bluefin carry bag, leash, dual-action pump, centre fin, kayak seat mounting points, & an action camera thread hole.

To name just a few activities you can perform on the Voyage, expect kayaking, fishing, running rapids, ocean paddling and even holding some SUP Yoga poses to be on the agenda! 

And to ensure that you’re able to take your Activity Kit anywhere in the world. The included Durable Bluefin SUP Backpack has some incredible features:

  • Extra back and strap padding
  • Extra-wide straps
  • Reinforced zipper webbing
  • Handy outside pockets
  • Hold luggage friendly
  • Fits all accessories + SUP
  • Also doubling as a cargo holder on the nose of your board

So if hours of versatile fun on the water is what you’re looking for, then the Voyage 10’10 with cooler box is your ideal activity companion! Equipped with absolutely everything you could ever need, all you have to worry about is the location and the next activity you want to achieve! 

It’s time to do more with the Voyage.

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