Adding a D Ring to an Inflatable Paddle Board

Adding a D Ring

Paddleboarding is a great way to travel, exercise and enjoy your surroundings. Here at Bluefin, we encourage our customers to customise their SUPs to fit their needs in order to get the most out of their paddling experience. This may involve adding a D ring or two.

Adding a D Ring

Why would I need to add a D ring?

Extra D-rings are really useful for a number of reasons:

  • Being able to attach another leesh (When towing or paddle assisting):

Being able to add a leash allows for parents to attach their boards to their children’s SUPs. Alongside this, if your paddling partner has a problem when you are out, an extra leash and D-ring will allow you to tow them back to land.

Adding a D Ring
  • Allowing for extra storage with additional bungee cords

Although out SUPs have storage both front and back, people do often need extra storage. For example, Dan, pictured below on his SUP around Malta challenge – he needed a months worth of equipment. Or Vic, who collects plastic on her board.

Adding a D Ring
Caption: (Credit: @danieljwynn)
Adding a D Ring
Caption: (Credit: @vicpicsphillips)
  • To be able to add extra seats to our paddleboards, why not tandem paddle!

Our Cruise range comes with a kayak seat for sit down paddling (SDP). However, you may wish to tandem paddle and add an additional seat. Add 4 extra D-rings and you are good to go!

Adding a D Ring

How to add a D Ring to an Inflatable Paddleboard

Follow the instructions below to safely and securely add your extra D ring.

  1. Unroll your SUP and make sure it is dry and clean.
  2. Apply the glue* to the area you wish to add a d ring patch
  3. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky
  4. Then apply the d-ring patch, applying pressure and making sure that it is smooth
  5. Apply pressure to the d-ring, using a clamp or weight
  6. Wait 24 hours before inflation to ensure that the glue has time to dry
  • If you need additional glue, then we recommend toluene based glue that can be found easily in a marine store.
Adding a D Ring
Now you are ready to get paddling!

Further assistance

As always, our support team is available to help if you have any issues with this. Contact them here.

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    • Lizzie says:


      A D-ring is a metal ring (shaped like a D) that is used as a means of securing straps or objects to the SUP.



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