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SUP Community, SUP Community
The pool is empty and waiting to be cleaned next week, so I thought I'd take a pic of the current "quiver". . Some get used more than others, but they're all still taken out and "should" all get on the sea locally next week as we have family and friends knocking around. . So, from left to right, we have a 2018 10'8 Carbon Cruise, mainly used by Kate @katedakers as her general go-to board for both normal paddling and yoga. It has been used on canals, rivers and the sea. . Next is the first ever 12' Carbon Cruise to be used in Britain. This has been my "daily drive" since I first used it at Stanley Ferry in the Spring of 2018 and it has been on all kinds of water too. I believe it is still the best all round isup that money can buy. My cousin Ben @benonaboard also chucks one around on the sea near Margate including in the winter. . Next is the 2019 Carbon Cruise 15' tandem. I was lucky enough to have the first one of these and took it 45km down the River Wye at the end of November on an adventure as well as taking it out on Xmas day tandem with Kate. . The next board is a 2018 14' Sprint. This has a special place in my heart as it was the one I took 162 miles (260km) across the North of England in Feb 2019. . The 5th board is a 2017 standard12' Cruise. Light and agile, I learned a lot about paddleboarding on this board, and again, it has been used on the sea, rivers and canals, notably in the Atlantic off Lanzarote. It features a lot in my early insta posts. . Lastly, Kate's 2017 10'8 Bluefin. I'm not even sure it was titled a Cruise, but this is very similar to the boards we learned on at Cuckmere Meanders and was Kate's regular board, also hitting the Atlantic off Lanzarote, until she got the 10'8 Carbon Cruise in the summer of 2018. . ✊🏼😎🤙🏼 #paddleboarding #paddleboard #sup #supadventure #standuppaddle #standuppaddling #standuppaddleboarding #getoutside #bluefinsup #vitaminsea #mediterraneo #sea #mediterranean #nerja #malaga #spain #axarquia #andalucia #mar #costadelsol #goodvibetribe #goodvibesonly #suplifestyle #suplove #suplife #paddlesports #paddlesurf #torrox #dawnpatrol
SUP Community, SUP Community
This week last year I became the first person ever to paddleboard the 162 miles (260km) from one side of Northern England to the other. . A number of people have done it since, not least my friend Jo @healthyhappy50, who became the first woman to do it the following July, but at the time (or just before) it seemed a ridiculous thing to do, particularly as a 54 year old who had undergone a few different health battles over the previous years. . Although the weather picked up eventually, the trip started with Storm Eric, and any number of b4st4rd swans, trying their hardest to get me off my board and into the water. 🙄 . Eventually though, at around 5pm on February 16th, I arrived at Goole sea lock, having paddled the whole thing. . As with almost all of these things, it wasn't a one person gig. My amazing daughter, Georgia @gominuke, cooked for me on canalsides, drove a massive camper van down narrow streets from point to point on what was, for her, the wrong side of the road, and generally put up with my crap. My bestie, Amy @amyleader, organised all sorts of logistics and press stuff and was always there (even with a mangled ankle) sorting out times, places and sensible ideas. The world record holding (and hilarious AF) kettlebell beast, Megan @megan.kelly.1, trained me into a shape that could paddle big distances all day, day after day, without getting injured or running out of steam. My incredible partner, Kate @katedakers, fed me love, encouragement and nutritious food (inc biltong) so that I could do it in the first place. . A very honourable mention has to go to my Yorkshire tribe in my home town of Hebden Bridge who helped me raise way over £2000 for @surfersagainstsewage. . Last but not least though, was the amazing team at @bluefinsups, in my opinion the finest isup company in the UK, always in my corner and who gave me a 14' Sprint board and a prototype black label carbon fibre paddle to use on the trip. . You've probably seen shots/clips from the mega run I did with my cousin at the end of November down the river Wye with my cousin Ben @benonaboard, but rest assured, there are still plenty more to come. . I'm only 55, after all. 💪🏼😎🤙🏼


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