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Precious moments with @ambpitch 🐾 - It was golden hour. My favorite time of day. The light was hazy as it drifted over the mountains and the lake water shone with their glasslike reflections. Ariel waded through the shallow water as our boards sat peacefully on the shore. She trudged through the sand and the stones after her toy that floated a short distance in front of her. I watched as her paws paddled through the crystal clear lake and she navigated around the lily pads. I sat down on my board and I watched her eyes shine with joy. Even after all these years, she will never turn down a chance to swim or play fetch. After one more retrieve she came to join me and took her place by my side. I thought to myself how incredibly happy I was in that very moment, but just as the thought registered I felt the tears pouring down my cheeks and I wondered how one could feel so incredibly happy but so incredibly sad all at once. Sad that she can no longer sprint tirelessly to her heart’s content. Sad I didn’t know the last time she flew through the air off the dock and into the lake, would be her last time. Sad that I’ll never again get to see her youthful form leap and bound through a field of tall grass. Sad that while my body is strong, hers grows weaker by the day. Yeah, this is hard on me. Watching her age, watching her change, and knowing.... that I don’t know what or when will be the last. But even though I am sad. I am so, so incredibly happy. Happy we have had so many truly wonderful memories. Happy to still be making more memories during this seemingly borrowed time. Happy that I had the chance to watch her through all those years and that I’m the one who gets to watch all the rest of her days. And so happy that even though so many things have changed... there is one thing that never will, no matter how much time ticks by. That I love her and she loves me. Always Ariel. 💛 - - - #bluefinsup #paddleboard #isup #dogs #campingwithdogs #traildog #hikingwithdogs #dogstagram #dogoftheday #dogsrule #adventure #outsideisfree #optoutside #hiking #ilovemydog #dogslife #getoutside #lovedogs #doglovers #dogsofig #excellent_dogs #adventureculture #dogsthathike